Applying slide master layouts to quizzes

This is something that's been vexing me for some time. I'd like to have my quizzes (the original display, and not the feedback) appear in the same layout as one of my slides in the master, but I can't find a way to apply that.

When I create a quiz slide, it appears in a full-size layout. On applying a slide master layout, the questions are crammed in together, and it takes a bit of work to drag everything around to fit within the placeholder, then change the font sizes.

Is there another way to do this? I'm probably missing something simple, but I've tried many methods and have searched a lot in the forums and tutorials, with no luck.

Here's the way the quiz displays initially:

...and here's how it looks when I apply a slide layout (the only options I have are from my regular slide master):

Any thoughts on how I can get the layout to work properly? Is there a quiz slide master?

Thanks for all of your help!


P.S. I'm within a day or two of finalizing my first course, and am thrilled with how well Storyline works.

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Pierre Jouan


I need to share Themes done in SL1 with SL2 users and this bug is still there : questions fields get swapped (Master title <> Question Title) and Answers box swaps with a one line text placeholder on the slide!

Questions layouts have to be redone under SL2 which is quite annoying.

Do I need to open a new case one year later?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pierre! I peeked into your previous case and it looks like we never heard back from you on being able to replicate in a new file with our support engineer. Unfortunately in this case, yes, I would advise that you work with support and reference your previous case so that we can get this tested and to QA if needed.

Tamara Tarasova


I see that this post is dated, but I am having similar issues in SL2. I modified the questions's layout in the master but when I create a new question only part of the formatting from the master is applied. The question text is misaligned and the font is distorted. I have to reapply the master couple of times at least to get the desired alignment. I also noticed that the file picks up a different master layout from the beginning. Is there any way to tell the SL which master design to pick up when I create quizzes. Thank you!