Approach to Arabic / Chinese / Russian fonts in modules for widest support across browsers

Apr 11, 2019

We have a number of courses (Storyline 360, SCORM 1.2, for moodle LMS, HTML5) that work perfectly across all main browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge and Firefox), but once we started translating them into non-latin scripts (Arabic, Chinese), we are running into issues (text misplacement, boxes around characters, incorrect characters displaying, examples attached) when displaying in anything else than Chrome.

Q1: Did anyone manage to create an Arabic / Chinese module that works on more than just Chrome? If so, did you take any special steps (specific fonts, editing CSS in SCORM, adding actual fonts, etc)?

Q2: Is there any general guidance for publishing Arabic, Chinese and Russian modules?

Q3: Are there any recommended (professional) fonts, that are known to be supported well by all browsers?

We tried using 

Arabic - Arial and Arial Unicode MS and Cairo - we had issues across the board

Chinese - Noto Sans (tried converting to MS Yahei, issues persisted)

We tested on Win 10, both locally and via moodle LMS on up to date browsers.

Any help or suggestions on what to check are most appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

Storyline supports all languages and scripts, including right-to-left scripts—such as Arabic and Hebrew—and double-byte character sets (DBCS)—such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean—so you can create courses in any language.


If you've got a couple of project files that aren't working right, our Support Team are happy to take a look and do some additional testing. You can share them privately with the team using that link. 

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