Are limitations due to HTML5 or Storyline?

Aug 08, 2012

Hi. Am I correct that the existing limitations*  with HTML5 are Storyline limitations? Or, are the limitations inherent in all HTML5, regardless of the development platform? Thanks for clarifying this for me. -Jill

* audio/video; non-section 508 compliant; Java script; variables; triggers; notes; search; player menu, etc.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Jill, 

I'd say it's a little of both. HTML5 is young and a bit of a moving target at this point. We're certainly going to look at further developing the HTML5 output to have better feature parity between HTML5 and Flash over time. In fact, the Storyline Update 1 that was just released today, already addresses some HTML5 limitations. As a heads up though, some of the limitations of HTML5 on an iPad are limitations of Mobile Safari's implementation of HTML5 (specifically around audio and video) that are difficult, if not impossible, to workaround. In short, we'll continue to develop our HTML5 player to address any issues and add features to make the parity better with the Flash player version.

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