Are multiple attempts at questions in elearning marked as correct?

May 19, 2015

In the elearning that I'm creating in Storyline2, the elearning is setup so that when learners get a question wrong they are asked to retry, and have unlimited attempts (they're given more information, or referred to a previous part of the elearning.   That means that by the time they finish the course they will have answered all questions correctly. 

My question is:  will the LMS mark them as correct even if they've had multiple attempts within the one elearning?

Many thanks


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Wendy Farmer

Hey Michelle

short answer - yes

do you have  a result slide in your story file.  If so, you could set up the options to calculate the result for the quiz questions - you can select, deselect the ones you want. You will have a trigger on the results slide : Submit results (result slide name) when timeline starts - this should be sent to your LMS.

Also, in the publish settings you need to set up the tracking for how the LMS reports results - your LMS admin should tell you which setting you need.  See these tutorial about what the different options mean

Hope that helps


Michelle Childs

After looking at the links that you sent me, it does look we have to.  Can we hide the results slide.

An additional complication is that we have branching in one of the elearnings that means that everyone answers some of the questions, and then they take different paths and at this stage only one pathway has quiz questions the other doesn't. 

Any ideas of how I can get around this?



Michelle Childs

Hi  again

That was my original idea, but the problem is that one branch has way more slides in it than the other. 

Someone has suggested to me that I just put a question on the last slide saying something simple like "Have you completed all the slides in the course?" with a Yes No option,  which of course they have, (it's set up so they can't jump ahead until they've done activities/quizzes on each slide).  Do you think that would work?  I guess I would still need a results slide - is there a way I can hide that?


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