Are there Hyperlink issues with the Flash Player? HTML 5 seems ok

Feb 14, 2013

I promise I've cruised the forums to look for an answer. 


Win 7, Current Storyline tool

Web Publish to local directory

Hyperlnk as part of the Master Slide template via a click trigger event.


When I publish a project, the HTML 5 version processes hyperlinks correctly but the Flash version does not.  Nothing happens when I click on the link.  The US shows it as clickable, but nothing happens.

Any WOW out there?

I really did search 1st.  :)

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Todd - 

Sounds like you're dealing with the Flash Security sandbox. This is a "feature" of the Flash player that prevents the player from interacting with the browser (through JavaScript) when running locally. Actually easy to remedy:

1) Publish as CD to run locally. This defeats the sandbox restriction. Or...

2) Hit the Flash Security Settings Manager and add your publish folder (or any parent of the folder - you could clear your whole drive if you want to, it's an inherited setting) to the "whitelist". Click Edit Locations > Add Location > Browse for Folder and add the folder.

For #2 things can get weird using Chrome. There's a little different process. But for Firefox and IE, this should work for you.

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