articualte player not covered my android tablet entire screen

Oct 12, 2015


1. i have published the course into my samsung galaxy v3 android tablet and when i launch the course using the amplaunch.html, its not playing. i have downloaded and launch the isolaunch.html, its playing good. my question is why the amplaunch.html not working?

2. when i launch the course the player is not cover the entire tablet screen. i have adjusted the story size with different aspect and different sizes but its not filling entire screen. please give the solution. thank you.

normal view



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Venkata -- Thanks for your question and for providing the screenshots above to illustrate the behavior you are seeing. Although I have a different brand/model Android (HTC Nexus 9), I would be happy to test your file on my device if you would be able to provide it. And just to confirm, have you taken a look at this information on How to Determine the Optimal Size for Mobile Devices?

Christie Pollick

Hello again, Venkata -- I wanted to stop back in to share this information on when The Articulate Mobile Player App Is Locked at 4:3 Aspect Ratio, as upon further review, it appears that is what is taking place. And can you also please confirm that you are using the most recent update of SL2, Update 7, as it included some fixes for Chrome/Android? Please let us know if that helps! 

Venkata Ramana

Hi Christie Thank you for your response....

I have changed my story file settings as per your suggestion. im using latest and updated version. but the problem not solved. (Please find the attachment and do changes aspect ratio as per ur needs) (see the difference between browser and player view)

Please check screen shots below.

i have downloaded isolaunch.html

when click the isolaunch.html the player screen appear

when pinch for fullscreen

but when click on the story.html file its working 100% fine in browser, its fit fullscreen mode entire tablet screen.

Note : we are not play the course in browser. our process team and our client need to play only articulate player. because we are doing different types of work in single payer.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Venkata -- My apologies for the delay, but I am having some technical difficulties with my Android tablet and I am not able to run through testing your file at the moment. In the interest of getting you a response as quickly as possible, I am going to go ahead and create a ticket for you and submit it with our Support Engineers. You should be hearing from a member of the Support team via email shortly. I appreciate your continued patience. 

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