Troubleshoot running on Android Tablet

Dec 30, 2014

Hi, I am having trouble running my scene on android tablet.

1)I saved my scene as web output with IOS,Android, and HTML5 output checked.

2) copied the entire folder to my tablet (LG GPAD 8.3) with the articulate app installed.

3)Using file explorer on tablet i browsed to the folder , and after hitting the amplaunch.html , i get a sreen saying launch. I keep pressing it but nothing happens , the articulate app doesnt open..

what am i doing wrong?

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S. an

Sorry im  a new user I dont understand.

There is no way of playing the story unless u host it online? Like I can do on PCfor offline viewing.

so far i have been testing it offline on PC. But how do i publish online on articulate website...
what is "MY ACCOUNT URL"? 
i know my login andpass , but where is the account urL?

Phil Mayor

For viewing the content it should be uploaded to a server, if you do not have an Articulate Online account (AO does not allow downloading anyway).  Then you need to publish for Web or LMS and then upload this content to your server.

If you do not have a server then publish to web and add to the public folder of dropbox and get the url for the story.html file and follow that from your android device which will then download it if enabled.

Or you could use Articulate Tempshare to test your content, not sure if this allows downloading of content.

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