Running Storyline on Tablets

Nov 18, 2015

I am beyond frustrated with the storyline mobile app.  I can publish two files - basically everything the same - and can access without fail on pc, android phone and iphone - then I can open one of the files on my android tablet - but not the other - been having this issue with android tablets AND ipads for months and noone can seem to shed any light on why this is happening.

Why can I access a file on an android phone, but not access the same file on an android tablet?  So confusing.

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Srinivas Kumar K

Hi Donna Massey,


This could be because of the updates by the browser, try updating the browser of the android tablet and check.


Else, update the storyline 2 software itself and publish. As storyline developers keeps updating the software to fix some issues.


[here is the link for the version history:]




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Donna,

Where were you hosting the course previously to access on your Tablet? Were you viewing in the mobile player or the Chrome browser? Here are the system requirements on the versions/browser that are supported in Android. Are you also using Storyline 2 - as we don't support Android on Storyline 1 so that could be a part of the problem you're experiencing. 

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