Problems launching Storyline Player on Android phone

Apr 09, 2015

Hi there

I am having a problem launching the Storyline Mobile Player when trying to access a Storyline 2 file from either Chrome or Firefox, although using Opera seems to work fine.

Chrome says it cannot open the web page - Firefox says it cannot find the app.

I have the same problem from a Hudl Android tablet.

The phone is on Lollipop and the tablet on Kit-Kat.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


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John Craddock

Hi there

Its strange, because it will launch OK  if I explicitly point at the story_html5.html file, but not if I point at story.html in the browser.

Should I have to do this? I thought the idea was you pointed to story.html and then the user would be re-directed to the mobile version or the player would be launched.

iPad is working fine.

Thanks for your help.



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