Unable to view on Articulate Mobile player


I am trying to view an articulate storyline program on an ipad air that was published on tempshare.

I have Articulate Mobile Player installed on the ipad but every time I click the link it directs me to install the app again.

When I open the app from the directed download page articulate opens and in the library there is nothing.

On my Android Tablet, the tempshare URL and Articulate Mobile app works perfectly for this program I am trying to open on the Ipad

I would appreciate any help.

Kind regards,



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

Apple made some changes to the way apps launch in iOS 9, so your Articulate Storyline 2 courses may not launch in the Articulate Mobile Player as you'd expect. We added support for iOS 9 in Update 7 for Storyline 2. See this article for details on how to update your Storyline software and your published courses.
Michael Zajac

Hi Wendy and Leslie,

Thank you so much for your assistance. its absolutley brilliant.

I've unticked AMP when publishing and getting the ipads to play articulate through safari.

Leslie: i will get onto the business to approve the update so i can download ASAP and get onto publishing to AMP.

Thank you again!!