Articulate 360 problems with iPad

Is anyone having problems running their 360 Storyline courses on their iPads? While playing it on my iPad, I'm not getting any audio on the first several slides (although it does come through later), and some of the questions, interactions, and animations are not working properly. In general, I had a better experience on the iPad with Storyline 2 than 360; although, 360 does run better on my laptop. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David, 

It's possible that the LMS testing platform could be interfering with this - are you not able to upload to your live environment yet? You could also take a look at testing it in SCORM Cloud to have another comparison of how the course is expected to behave.

If you're still running into trouble, can you share a bit more about what happens when you're trying to replay the course? Also what iPad and iOS versions are you using? 

David Naylor


We have resolved this by providing instructions on our Intranet about downloading the Articulate Mobile Player App when intending to play any course on an iPad. The App seems really good and even provides a Download option if required, although obviously it won't interact with the LMS when downloaded.