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Brian Huseman

Ashley Terwilliger

Testing both in Preview and Publish to 360.

To top it all off, yesterday quiz slides 1, 2 and 5 were the only ones with the issue. Today as I opened the same file up and tested it again, all quiz slide have the issue. And I started a new project yesterday and started adding the quiz today. I ran my first test with the quiz just now and all the quiz slides have the same issue.
All quiz slides came from the Content Library.

Brian Huseman

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian! 

Looks like Ridvan beat me back to helping you out here. 

I took a peek this morning and I agree. By default, when you utilize more than one attempt, a Try Again layer is added so that the user gets a pop up notification, but it looks like you've removed that for your design.

So, you could limit the attempts to one to prevent confusion or perhaps add that Try Again layer back in to your course.

If all of that sounds confusing, I recorded a quick Peek video here to visualize :)