Articulate account not signing in?

Feb 10, 2018

For some reason, when trying to open an SL360 file, SL would crash despite working fine yesterday. I uninstalled and reinstalled 360, but when I try to sign into 360 to download the software again, the system will not let me log in. It tries, I get the dots, but then after a few seconds, I am sent back to the sign-in screen with no error messages. I reset my password just in case it was wrong, but nothing is working.

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Kimberly Valliere

I blame windows 10 and its inability to properly allow for use of two hard-drives in default folders for this issue. :) I'm back up and running after editing my registry to unmerge system folders that shouldn't have been merged in the first place. My documents folder on C moved into my D drive on complete accident. NOT a fun experience.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathleen and Kimberly,

Sorry, you're running into these issues! I am in the habit of always shutting down everything on my computer, as I've run into enough other tools that cause similar problems and I figure everything just needs a good nights rest. 

Kimberly, I know you were having some other crashing errors, so I'm going to let my team know about this too in case it's related. 

Kathleen, do you see any error message, or you're just always prompted to log back in?

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