Articulate doesn't publish to LMS

Apr 21, 2016

Hi everyone,

we've encountered a problem with the publishing of some of our storylines. We want to publish to LMS, but after a few seconds we get a message for sending an error report.

We've published storylines in the past without any problems and now it seems that we get that errormessage for every publish we want to try... Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be??? (there's a storyline in attachment)

We've send the errorlog, does anyone know how long we have to wait for an answer of the Articulate support team?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there Tina!  I also wanted to pop-in and mention that sending error reports will generate information that goes to our QA team.  If you ever need to submit a case for technical support, feel free to use this form to submit a case.

And like Matthew suggested, sometimes a reinstallation is a good way to knock out weird behavior.

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