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Oct 21, 2014

I just installed the update to Storyline 2, and I'm having a problem with my font.  We've been using the Articulate font that comes standard with the software.  In this section, we're italicizing a single letter (it's for math) frequently.  However, whenever I italicize anything, it drops the letter a few pixels so it's beneath the descender line.

This does not look good.  At all.  Any suggestions what might be going on here?

(the problem does not occur when using the font in Microsoft Word.)

Edit: I'm using the font at size 11.  When I went to italicize the letter in the size 14 subheading, the letter actually moves upwards a few pixels.  Now I'm really confused.

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Emily Ruby

Hello StatEase!

I was not able to see this in a project I just tested. Both italicized letter are in line:

Please make sure you are working locally as described here. Also, you may want to import this into a new Storyline file and see if the issues resolves.

You can also attach your file here if you would like us to take a closer look.

StatEase Admin

Wait, no, I just published it to check if the zoom affected the publish, and it's got the italicized letters off their properly-kerned spots again. I checked my dpi settings, and they're at the recommended levels.

Here's the scene I'm having the most trouble with. The above picture is what it looks like to me - check the "t"s.

Emily Ruby

Hello Stat Ease!

I checked your file and I was able to see the movement of the letters.

I did get this to stop by re typing the words as new, were these possible copied and pasted in from a source that used formatting tools? I have seen text get messy in quiz slides before when they were copied in.

I also was able to copy the slide into a new SL2 project, only changing the size of the font back to how you had it, and the issue is gone.

Wendy Farmer

Hi StatEase

I published your .story file and saw the same issue

With Articulate font, the sub heading t is fine but the body t is dropped.

I changed the font to Arial, the sub heading t is dropped and the body t is fine. I even played with the alignment of the text in the text box top, middle and also the internal margins of the text box (sub-heading) that didn't make a difference.

I found something on the net about 'Font smoothing' - a feature that significantly affects the final look of a type on screen. Font smoothing produces very different results across operating systems and browsers. Not sure if you can look into that.

If it was me, I would use Articulate for the headings and Arial for the body to get the look you need. Otherwise you might want to log a support ticket and see if the SuperTechs can help out...

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