Articulate iPad app offline viewing

Sep 18, 2013


In the Articulate Mobile Player it says that some content is available for offline viewing. I am not even being given this option for my projects. My projects do contain video, simulations and quizzes.

Any idea which content is allowed to be downloaded for offline viewing? Is it the quizzes that are preventing me from downloading the content for offline viewing?


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Elan Ressel

Hi Leslie

Thank you for your reply. I have already clicked on those options to make the content available offline before uploading it, however I still am not seeing any option on the Mobile player to save it for Offline access. I tried uploading another project without any quiz and it still does not allow me to save it for Offline viewing. 

Leslie McKerchie

So, you can pull up the project in the Articulate Mobile Player, you are just not getting the slider to save it offline?

Are you publishing to the web, to your LMS, or to Articulate Online?  If it's Articulate online, the "Allow downloading for offline viewing" checkbox is currently ignored.

Do you have this problem with every course you publish, or only some?  Either way, I think we should take a look at one of your .story files to see what's going on.  Can you please upload a course as part of a Support Case?  Thanks!

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