Articulate Mobile Player won't download presentation for offline viewing

Apr 06, 2017

I am working on a presentation that Articulate Mobile Player refuses to let me download for offline viewing. When I attempt to download it from the web server (by sliding the "Available Offline" switch to "YES" in AMP) the download appears to proceed for a bit, then AMP crashes. If I leave the application while it is downloading and return to it later, I am presented with the error message described here:

Neither of the error conditions described in that article apply to me.

I am able to download other Storyline projects for offline viewing just fine. I have tried everything to make this project downloadable but no matter how I modify, export, or entirely recreate my Storyline presentation, AMP always refuses to download it.

Articulate support tells me to recreate it from scratch and maybe it will work but I've done that multiple times, always with the same result. Does anyone have any idea what conditions might trigger the glitch that prevents certain Storyline projects from being downloadable? We desperately need offline access to this Storyline presentation – if the download bug can't be overcome, is there a hacky way to copy the data directly to the iPad?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

I see that you were working with Cleo on your case, and I wanted to share some additional thoughts:

  • Have you tried republishing the course with the latest update of Storyline (my guess is you're on Storyline 2, so Update 11) and loading that anew into your LMS and trying to access from the mobile player? 
  • Are you also using the latest update to the AMP? We just pushed out a new update this week, so you should be able to use the "Check for updates" from the Apple App Store. 
  • Is this crash happening on only one iPad - or any iPad that had the course previously loaded? 
  • Does the course play fine online? Is it only when you try to access it offline that it crashes?
  • What iOS are you using on the iPad? The latest would be iOS 10.3 

Knowing a few more details as above may help Cleo, myself and the Articulate community pinpoint what else you could try and ultimately what's causing the issue. I also gave Cleo a heads up that you were seeking help here as well so that he can follow along. 

Andy Lundquist

I'm running the latest version of Storyline 2 and AMP, but our iPads are a few generations back. It seems iPad 2's exhibit the error while newer iPads do not. The workaround that ultimately made the presentation downloadable involved compressing the video files (quite dramatically - beyond what I would prefer). Perhaps there is some kind of overall size limit or timeout event aborting the download process, at least on older iPads.

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