Articulate Keeps Crashing

Feb 06, 2024

Hello Heroes,

I'm hoping that you can help. I am working on a fairly large Storyline 360 project and the system keeps freezing and crashing. It happens randomly. I can be typing a script, adding a trigger, modifying text on the screen... There is no audio in my project yet.

Sometimes Storyline asks me to log a report and sometimes it doesn't. I've tried saving it with a new name and have rebooted my system twice.

Can someone please reach out to me today, 2/6/24, to help? Due to confidentiality restraints I can't share the file on an open forum like this, but should be able to with a hero.

Thank you in advance for saving my bacon.



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Steven Benassi

Hi Jenell!

Sorry to hear that Storyline has been crashing while authoring your course!

It would be helpful to have a closer look at the .story file to determine the cause of this behavior. I've opened a support case on your behalf so you can share your project file with our support engineers privately. They should be reaching out to you shortly!

In the meantime, can you confirm that you are working locally? Also, have you tried performing a repair of your Storyline installation to see if that improves the issue?

Jenell Smith

Hi Steven,

Thank you for responding so quickly. I replied to the email that was sent to me from the system. I'm not sure if you receive those email responses, so I'm responding here as well.

I appreciate your support. The repair articles I’ve read involve my uninstalling and reinstalling Articulate. I work on a network and would need my IT admin to do that as I don’t have authority.

Thank you,