Articulate Mobile Player for iPad user error?

Hi, I have downloaded the Articulate Mobile Player for iPad, and published my course using all the correct settings (Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android).  I have emailed myself the course content. When I click on the ioslaunch/html the APP does not kick in. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Does this article need to be updated? Thanks!


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Kim Hemingway

Hi Emily,

Trying again with no joy. I've got the Articulate Mobile Player APP, for iPad installed on my iPad.  I republished my course for the WEB using Publishing for HTML5 and mobile devises with; Include HTML5 output, Use Articulate Mobile Player for iPad, Allow downloading for offline viewing. I saved the story.html file in my documents. It just spins and spins and does not open in the App. Can you help?

erick lignon


Like Kimberly, I uploaded 2 versions (on Blackboard Coursesites ) and none of them works on my iPad 2 - IOS 9.3 (Safari & Chrome):

  • one LMS version with HTML5 output + Mobile Player + Offline
  • one Web version + Mobile Player + Offline

The mobile player launches but I get a "Cannot Access Content" in both cases.

BTW, the mobile player app is up-to-date...



Ali Goulet

Hi Erick!

If you want to utilize the Articulate Mobile Player app through an LMS, you'll need to publish for Tin Can API. SCORM and AICCC are not supported for tracking in the Articulate Mobile Player and many times will not be viewable through it, either. You'll also want to make sure you're running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 11, as support for iOS 9 and later was added in a recent update. 

If you're seeing this error even when publishing using Tin Can API on the latest update, your LMS may not yet support private content authorization for mobile apps. Use either of the following options to correct it:

Otherwise, you can also choose not to have it run in the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad by unchecking that option but keeping the option to include the HTML5 output checked. This will force the course to launch in a browser window on the iPad rather than in the Articulate Mobile Player.

Hope that's helpful, please let me know if you have further questions! :)