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Tim Shelton

In terms of building courses myself and my colleagues never use the player its buggy and doesnt allow reporting to LMSs etc. Although the same can be said for SLs HTML5 output. I am afraid I cannot shed any light on why this happens. Have you tried removing the app and reinstalling? It might be an idea to add the spec's your running as it might help the Staff users pinpoint the issue.




Tim Shelton

The HTML5 output is slower loading than the Flash equivalent both on PC and on tablet, you can test this for yourself by changing the URL to 'story_html5.html' , on tablet it will default to html5 anyway if you disable the player functionality.

We often find that the custom things we build in our courses have buggy issues in HTML5 and sometimes need a rethink to get them functioning optimally. Just a thing to be aware of...

...best thing to do is test it for yourself and if things break fix em up.


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