Articulate Player and NetDimensions

A client requires more robust tracking than is currently available using the Articulate Player. It is my understanding that more robust tracking is presently available using the Articulate player with Tin Can. Are there any plans for offering similar tracking for other LMS's like NetDimensions?

They will not budge on NetDimensions. Outputting to HTML5 for iPad gets around this issue. Problem is our HTML5 output running on the Safari mobile browser flickers several times ea. time a new layer loads. This is on every screen and is distracting enough that it is not acceptable to deliver.

This being the case we may be forced to go with a different tool/strategy of future eLearning development which is a shame because we have a large library of commercial learning that we need to update so that it is iPad compatible (with robust tracking).


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Mereki White

Sorry to stick my nose in Bart, as this is not directly related to your original post.... but I might have found the answer to my client's question here.

Ok, so two admissions

  1. I am on studio - we can't buy storyline for the moment
  2. I am also on captivate 5 - so I can't publish to HTML5
  3. And a third admission, we only have a select few learners with ipads - so I haven't had to ask this before

So are you saying that Netdimensions EKP is fine to use with files published to HTML5 for ipad?  Can you confirm that you've done it, and it works just fine?  I am assuming you just publish the output as a SCORM zip and then upload that in to netdimensions as a learning object?

The woman I am working with is just learning captivate 6, and has found the button which says she can, but I am not able to advise her either way as I haven't had the experience.  No, it's not an articulate question, but it's closely related!? 

Thanks for your advice...