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Oct 31, 2013

Hi, There's a lot of cool stuff here...but, I cannot figure out how some things were done. For example HIPPA Compliance Example:

1. How do you make the Next Button wobble and click - I've tried using hots spots, layers, and no joy. I cannot overlay various elements.

2. How do you include "Transcript" & Resouces?

3. More than the first two Qs - page 24  the Top 10 - Roll Over the Number get one flash up - and click and get another - How is this done?

Keith Mahoney

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Kimberly Valliere

Hang on, I found it and see I was a bit off base with my original response.

The course doesn't seem to have been made with Storyline, but with Studio perhaps? It seems like the navigation could be an element on the side instead of as a player. That allows the resources and transcript buttons appear and disappear depending on the screen. I'm really just guessing because I've never used Studio. Apparently I should learn how to read. The player was a special skin...

Storyline allows the same type of number hover/pop-up with the markers. (No clue how to do that in Studio.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kam and welcome to Heroes! 

It looks like Kimberly and Kevin are assisting you here, but since you also mentioned wanting to use a transcript or resources feature, I thought I'd point you to the Storyline player tutorials where you can insert a Resource tab or Notes view (you could change the title to transcript if you prefer). 

kam mahoney

Hey Ashley, et al-

The site is on the site: - The name of the tutorial is: HIPAA Privacy Compliance.

I was not aware of Skins, but will pose a new Q regarding them...pretty cool stuff, no doubt.

My last question is ore Page 24  the Top 10 - Roll Over the Number get one flash up - and click and get another - How is this done?

I've tried using layers with triggers, triggers with hotspots, etc. Seem that you cannot overlay multiple elements in combination.

Any suggestions?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kam,

On slide 24, that is an Engage Process interaction. You can find more information on Engage here, which is a separate product from Storyline. Currently Engage 13 interactions cannot be imported into Storyline, although that is a feature our team is working on for a future update. You could still insert Engage 09 interactions into Storyline. 

kam mahoney

Hi, Ashley -

I only have Storyline, but am figure out that variosu things are done in various procudts outside of Storyline. For example, Presenter has the toggle features, thumbnails, etc, in the menu. I'm finding this a wee bit disapointing as the products are expensive and I had to push to get Storyline. If you folks offered a bundle package, that would have been helpful - I could have gone to management and made that request. Or, better yet - add some of these feature to Storyline or create an all encompasing product. I get it, you want to make $$$, but ...

Again, maybe a bundle would help. Storyline + Engage or Storyline + Presenter or both. The way I read your bundeling is Story vs. the rest, but that Storyline pretty much had most of these key features.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kam,

You can purchase products like Engage separately, not as a part of Studio 13 or 09. If you'd like to get further information on pricing or are looking at bundling, I'd suggest connecting with our Sales Support team so that they could figure out your needs and help you customize what products you purchase - the standard packages and options are what you'll see on the Sales page, but it's always worth talking with our team so that they can help you determine what best suits your needs. 

You may also want to review the comparison between Storyline and Studio, and there is a great blog post here about the differences.

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