Articulate SL2 Quiz Results Side not working

Apr 05, 2017

Hi All ,

Using Articulate SL2 to create learning modules, which I  upload to the LMS (Moodle 2.9) as a SCORM (2001) activity. I have 5 questions in the Articulate learning Module.

My issue is that when a student  completes all 5 questions in the  Articulate SCORM, the grade book in Moodle records only one grade not all five. My Moodle Administrator said the problem is my Articulate SL2 learning Module.

Please help.

Have attached a cut down version of one  my courses for your review.

Thanks in advance.



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Crystal Horn

Hi Carmelo!  Thanks for sharing your file.  I had a look, and I came up with a couple questions for you:

First, how do the learners get to the result slide?  I went through the slides and scenes, and I might have missed from what point the learners are jumping to the results slide scene.  Your learners must land on the results slide for it to communicate their completion and score to the LMS.  Scene 4 "Schedule of contact visits" looks like the end of the content, and it might be logical to have the learners go from that slide to the results slide scene when clicking next rather than back to the second quiz question.

As long as your quiz questions are included in the results slide, all of their point totals should be included in the final score that is sent to the LMS.  I noticed that Slide 3.5 Q3 was not included in the Results slide--did you intend to leave that question out?  If you mean to capture all 5 questions, I would just double check to make sure they are all included here:

Let me know if I'm totally off about that sequence!  Those are the 2 things that popped out at me first.

Carmelo Moschella

Hi Crystal,
Thanks for your reply, you rock!

I have applied those changes in the attached file. However, the Moodle Admin people are telling me the questions are not questions but each is a question bank which is why the Moodle grade book is showing one mark instead of five marks...not sure about my questions. Could you please check my questions for me. Any suggestions please?
Thanks in advance.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carmelo,

I took a look at your .story file and I didn't see them as question banks, but individual questions and sometimes in a separate scene than your other slides. Each question and the answer should be tracked back, but it sounds like Moodle is combining points for the entire thing? That would make sense based on the Results slide calculating the results for all your questions and reporting that to your Moodle LMS. So you'll see final score, not an individual score per question - although you are likely able to determine which question a user got correct in the report.

Let us know if you need anything else! 

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