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Jan 24, 2014

Hi All,

This question may have been asked before but I can not track down any posts.  

I have a Storyline module (no quiz) that I have uploaded into Moodle, the module grade is set to Learning Object and the user must receive a grade to complete it.. This issue is and I am not sure if this is a Moodle issue or a Storyline issue where once the user has viewed x number of slides - this value is not passed back to Moodle. Al I get is a complete once all slides are viewed.  Is this correct?

Moodle 2.5


Number of slides tracking is set in Storyline module.

Thanks Tee.

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Michael Hinze

If  you set your number of minimum slides to 17 and the course has 17 slides, then yes, you will only get a complete status if you view the entire course. Maybe I misunderstand. Are you expecting to see the actual number of slides viewed, e.g. '9' in the LMS? That's not how it works. With this tracking option, the LMS will determine whether a learner has passed or completed your course by monitoring the number of slides the learner has viewed.

Michael Hinze

Christine Prescott said:

OK thanks for the clarification.  I was expecting to see the number of slides viewed.  eg. if there is 17 slides and the user only viewed 10 - I was expecting 10.

So if I set it to 10 and there are 17 slides, it will be marked complete once the 10 slides are viewed - correct?

Christine, yes that's correct.

Dean DiMonte

Hello.  I would like to re-engage in this conversation to see if someone can offer assistance.

We have a MOODLE LMS and both "slide views" and "results slides" reports proper user information upon "completion or passed" of the Articulate SCORM.  However, what Articulate does not report properly is if a "user" leaves the course before completing their SCORM. (ie. a 10 slide course, but leaves at slide 5).    The user then "claims" he/she did in fact finish the course, but the LMS reports "incomplete or failed".   Is there ANY way for Articulate to report to the LMS what slide they left from?  Any javascript or something we as instructors see from what slide they last viewed? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dean,

There isn't an option to report which slide they've left on, but it sounds like they haven't completed and therefore the LMS is tracking correctly? Depending on your set up you may also want to look at enabling the "Resume" functionality as that way when they log back in they can pick up where they left off.

As for Javascript, there may be a way - but it's not something I can offer support for and would have to defer to the community for further assistance. Here is some general information on Javascript best practices to get you started. 

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