Articulate Storyline 1 Update 1 and IE 11 issue

Oct 01, 2015

We are noticing that the modules published using Articulate Storyline 1 Update 1 is not working on the IE 11 native mode, we have 100+ modules that are published using Articulate Storyline 1 Update 1. I noticed that there is an Articulate Updater released for Articulate 2009 software to address the IE 10 and IE 11 issues.

Is there a Articulate Storyline updater available to update the zip packages of the module published using Articulate Storyline 1 Update 1 without having to republish the modules using latest version of Storyline to make it work on IE 11 native mode?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Karthik -- 

Thanks for your question, but unfortunately, you would need to download the most recent update available for SL1 (Update 10 - Build 1509.1408, released on 9/15/2015) and republish your modules to ensure you have all the fixes available. Please click here for the download and to review a list of all of the issues addressed in recent updates. 

steve cc

Can you please read thoroughly and escalate if necessary.  Thank you in advance for you assistance with this. 

Hi Christie.  I'm revisiting this discussion because the solution you proposed, while possibly the only option 3 months ago, may not be (or should not be) considered a final answer. 

The reason is that the pre-requisite questions have not been asked or answered (from what I can tell combing through community discussions and support:

1) Has Articulate Support identified why Storyline 1 content won't run in IE 11?

2) is the issue similar to why STUDIO wasn't working in IE 11?

3) Why can't an Updater be created to address Storyline 1 IE 11 content given that:
- you have a Chrome updater tool for Storyline
- you have the updater for Studio 

I have written previous discussion postings on the fact that Articulate seems to take the general stance that content put out be a developer is a one-and-done deal.  Unfortunately for those of us that like to offer continuous support and recommendations to our customers, telling them that 100's of modules on their LMS need to be republished is just not a viable solution in most cases.   Thank you in advance for you assistance with this. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out here, and Christie passed along your questions to me to take a better look at. 

1) As indicated earlier in this thread, it seemed that the previous using was using Storyline 1 Update 1, and there have been a number of fixes that dealt with issues in IE11 in the later updates. Storyline 1 update 1 came out in August 2012, and although IE11 was out at the time it has continued to be updated so our software follows suit to match the updates and updates with Flash player etc. You can see the documentation of fixes in each additional update detailed here in the release notes. 

2) I don't know if there is a specific issue you're referring to or if you're talking about Studio 09 or 13 - but they are different products, with similar system requirements.  The issue of content not playing locally in IE11 did exist in both Studio 13 and Storyline. 

3) Are you having a current issue with courses in the latest update of Storyline 1? I can't speak to the reasons of why our team does or does not create an updater - but if you've run into a particular situation that you'd like our attention and assistance with, we're happy to help and take a look. You can share sample course files here or reach out to our Support engineers here. 

Please feel free to let us know if you need anything else. 

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