Articulate Storyline 2 and SharePoint....and LMS

Jul 09, 2015

Our organization has just purchased Articulate Storyline 2 and we have started initial discussions with IT to publish our content to SharePoint, but in addition we want to integrate an LMS component to track user interaction and testing.  I am curious to see if anyone has had experience in the considerations in choosing an LMS for the SharePoint environment.  Thank you!

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Duane Knudsen

Hi all, we had a desire to capture analytics in SharePoint as well (out of the box SharePoint analytics are kind of useless). We recently partnered with Saltbox who is developing a custom SharePoint connector for our environment, not yet implemented. Tomorrow we're getting the GrassBlade LRS installed on a server in-house. Between those two things we'll be able to get analytics for Storyline courses published as HTML and posted on SharePoint, track usage of documents that we create and post, and virtually anything else we'd want. We can export LRS records, then import them into our LMS for desired learning event tracking (no xAPI support yet for our SAP LMS).

It may take a few weeks to get everything going and tested. I can provide an update once I'm there.

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