Articulate Storyline 360 and Blackboard Learn

Dec 14, 2017

I am trying to load a four-slide Storyline 360 project(with embedded videos) into Blackboard Learn. I am publishing to LMS with Tin Can selected (even though I don't need to track anything).

It works on my PC in Chrome and IE.  But it won't work on a Chromebook. Is there a setting I need to change to get it to display on a Chromebook?

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JoAnn Roe

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for your reply.  Since I posted my question, I have actually gotten it to show on my ChromeBook and in FireFox on my PC, which it wasn't before for either.  

BUT when I asked co-workers to check it, they can't see it in any browser on their PCs. 

It's really hard to find the problem when the problem doesn't manifest itself on my own machines.

Here's the process I'm using to get the Storyline project into Blackboard.

1.    Publish Storyline file for LMS, as zip, HTML5 with Flash fallback, SCORM1.2.

2.    Upload zip to Institution Content in Bb as Content Package.

3.    Create "Item" content type and name it.

4.    Open HTML editor and paste code:

<iframe src="http://<link to folder>/story.html" width="980" height="658"></iframe>

5.    Click Update.

6.    On yellow box in wysiwyg editor, right click and click Edit Embedded Media.

7.    Browse Content Collection.

8.    Navigate to Institution Content>the folder you put the zip file package into.

9.   You should only be able to select the .swf file called story. Select it and click Submit.

10.  Select file type iframe. Ignore error message.

11. Unclick Constrain Proportions.

12.  Make sure dimensions are 760 x 510.

13.  Click Update.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joann,

Are you using SCORM or Tin Can API? If you're publishing for LMS, I'd recommend pointing to the index_lms.html for SCORM/AICC content or story.html for Tin Can API content. 

That may be the first piece...the rest of the Blackboard pieces are a bit outside our area. Hopefully others in the community can weigh in on Blackboard specifics! 

Rio Sloan

I tried it, and embedding it in an Item doesn't work for me either.

Would adding the link from the Content Collection as a File instead if an Item, and have the setting for Open in New Window set to No, work? Selecting the SWF file just keeps loading for me, but this option works for the story.html file. It stays on the page without launching in a new window, but it seems really small.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Sadly Rio I'm not much of an Blackboard expert - does anyone else here upload content to Blackboard?

As I shared with Joann, you may also want to look at how you're publishing and ensure that you're using the publish option for Web or LMS (depending on Blackboard requirements) and then look at uploading the file as instructed. 

JoAnn Roe

Thanks everyone for the responses.  

Since I don't need to track any scores, I think publishing it for LMS caused a hiccup. I ended up publishing for the web. Here's what my solution looks like:

  1. Publish story in Storyline "To Web."


    Save zip file.


    Upload zipped file to Institution Content in Blackboard (Bb).


    Add “file” to course in Bb.


    Name it.


    Select from Browse Content Collection the story.html file.


    Set for Open in New Window. (I didn't want this at first, but when you select "No" for Open in New Window, it displays it at about half the height it should be, with no ostensible method for enlarging the player. I think this is what Rio experienced as well.)

This displayed correctly on a PC in Chrome and IE and also on a Chromebook.

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