Quiz Grades not Downloading from Storyline 360 to Blackboard Learn Gradebook

I am struggling with the quiz scores downloading from my Storyline 360 courses to the Gradebook in Blackboard Learn. The publishing setting I am using are attached. All I get in the Blackboard gradebook is the blue 'incomplete' circle. When I go back to the attempt, it doesn't show any student results.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Colleen!

There are two things I'd check first:

  1. On the Tracking tab in the Publishing window, did you select the quiz result slide for tracking the passing score?
  2. On the Results slide, do you see a Submit Results trigger?

If you do see both of those things and you're still getting hung up, share your file with me in a new reply here! I'll take a closer look. 😁

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Colleen,

It looks like you've pinpointed the issue! You need a 'Submit Results' trigger to send quiz score data to the LMS.

On the results slide, add this trigger:

Submit results [Results slide] when the timeline starts on the Results slide.

Then, republish the file, and test it in your LMS. Let me know if you see an improvement!