Unable to import StoryLine SCORM package to Blackboard LMS

Using the same procedure that has always worked before, I am now unable to import my Storyline package to Blackboard LMS.

I have a Storyline file that I have used before and had successfully imported into Blackboard. All I did was edit some of the info on one or two of its slides, and then saved it as new Storyline file.

Then when I try to import that zip file into Blackboard (as SCORM content package), I get an error message saying:

An error occurred while processing your SCORM package. The package may not be in the proper format.
The error is:
No gradebook column Id found

I am not doing anything different than before. It usually imports and then creates a gradebook column in Blackboard automatically. I would have contacted Blackboard, but the error message seems to indicate that the package may not in proper format.

Can anyone help?



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