[Articulate Storyline 360] Export Translations - Duplicated Outputs?

May 11, 2018


We're having our modules translated. Our translator charges us respective of the content's word count. But every time we export translations from our Storyline 360 module, we get row duplicates in the word file

Module content was around only 6700 words, when we had our module export the texts for translation, we ended up with around 48000+ words! Delete the ID and Translate columns(since we don't need those), and there's still around 24000+.

The columns had the same texts, around 3 consecutive row duplicates before the actual next line.
24000 words, that's x3 what we normally would pay our translator!

  • Any possible reasons as to why this happens? 
  • As for the export options, I just used default:
    File>Translation>Export (both include and not-included original text for reference) both versions had the same duplicate issue in their outpust.
  • Exported for XLIFF too just to see. 1.2 and 2.0. Both weren't really of great help. Not to mention 103000 words. Even the codes here were duplicated.
  • SL File was checked for duplicates to no avail.


Attached a screenshot of the exported-word file.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Abraham Ysmael S.T. Alvarez

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Abraham! Just chiming in that there currently isn't a word count feature within Storyline - export for translation and running a Word count on that text is the way at this time ..and Phil has some great suggestions noted above🌟

I'll share your scenario and why that a word count would come in handy for you with our product team. Expect a confirmation email shortly, and feel free to share any other ideas you have here!

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