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Sep 18, 2012

Does Articulate Storyline include Engage or do I need to purchase Engage separately?...JD

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David Baker

I had the presenter suite before Storyline and I still use Engage and Quizmaker. I like to use Engage for Performance stand alone or sometimes to compliment the eLearning course created in Storyline. I also have used Quizmaker when we need an online quiz for an ILT session. 

IMO, it would seem to be a good idea if Articulate offered a bundle with  Storyline, Engage and Quizmaker...perhaps call it Storyline Studio. 

John Durbin

David Baker, since I have never used the presenter suite and would only like to buy Storyline if it will do all I need it to do would I need to buy Engage and Quizmaker?

Or, said another way, will Storyline do what Engage and Quizmaker will do and I won't know the difference since I have never used Engage or Quizmaker?


David Baker


Phil is correct...if you have Storyline, you do not need Quizmaker. I had it previously, so I still use it when I just need a quick quiz. This is just my preference instead of using the Quiz features in Storyline. 

Again...I like Engage in that there are pre-built interactions. Let me give you an example. I recently created an eLearning course for our Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. The first module is on the 8 Decision process, the 5 Why Method, and Cause & Effect Diagram. To "support" this course, I used Engage to quickly create a tabbed interaction for each Decision. So if the participant wanted a quick review, they could go to the Engage interaction. I could have created this in Storyline, but I can do it much quicker in Engage with the pre-built templates. 

Storyline will do what Engage will give you, but some of the templates may take some time to replicate. Engage is a good tool for quick flash templates to provide information. 

Do you have Storyline? I would suggest you download the free trial of Engage if you have not already. Take a look at the templates and how you would use them. Then...if you have Storyline, try to replicate what you did in Engage. This way you can determine if you need just Storyline, or if both would fit your needs. 



Brian Allen

Probably one of the most important considerations is audience - Phil made a good point in his reply above that Engage content imported into Storyline is not currently compatible with HTML5 or iOS.  If your audience includes people who need those output options then you want to stick with Storyline functionality.

Brian Allen

Another one of my fav features in Storyline is the ability to insert a new slide based off of a template.

If you insert a new slide, in the new slide dialog box that opens up you'll see an option for template on the left.  One of the default templates that install with Storyline is the Top Interactions template, and within this template you can choose from many different interactive slide templates, one of them being an Engage-style tabbed interaction.

David Baker


Now I feel really stupid. I have had Storyline for about a month and never noticed the Template dropdown to give you Top Interactions. I did not know they were there. I guess I should have gone through the tutorials before jumping right in and using the tool. 

So John, you only need Storyline. Brian's post above are the templates that Engage provides. 

Brian Allen

David Baker said:

Brian's post above are the templates that Engage provides. 

David, it's one of those hidden gems that is easy to overlook...  Another layer of the onion as some folks around here say.

Not quite *all* of the same templates as what Engage provides...  Engage has some really nice interactions that are not included in the Top Interactions template (such as the circle interaction, pyramid, etc.), but most of them are there and the Top Interactions includes some really nice new interactions that aren't included in Engage.

If you take the time to build a nice interaction you can save it as a template that can be reused in other projects.

John Durbin

Thank you to each of you for your replies.  I have relied exclusively on PowerPoint and mp4 videos made with Jing Pro.  Now I'm being asked to add our training to our LMS and test users on understanding so I'm looking for the best tools to use.  I get the impression that, for now, Articulate/Storyline may have leapfrogged over Captivate.

Again, thank you for helping me...JD

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