Articulate Storyline and Webstreaming

Aug 01, 2013


Currently we have a series of webcast hosted on iStream Planet, and are looking to somehow embed these into Stroyline and be viewable on iPads. Normally this would be a web object, but Apple does not support the format since it is flash based. iStream Planet has an app, but we do not want the user to leave the Storyline project to view the video in a new window. We could download the video and import it, but we would like to keep the file sizes down so users can access with 3 and 4G.

·         Is there any way to view flash videos streaming from the internet within a webobject window?

·         Is there a host site to upload the videos that can stream on iPad such as YouTube? We cannot use YouTube for security reasons, put I am sure there are other hosting sites out there that identify your device and stream the correct file type.

 Thanks for looking!

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Alexandros Anoyatis

It's been a while since i've used this, but i think it works universally - before I save a story I make sure to untick any tech the story isn't compatible with; in this case, everything is ticked, so it should work on all devices, including AMP).

It definitely should work with native html5 on mobile safari. As long as your current streaming service is reliable, you should be "good to go".

Let us know how it goes!


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