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Feb 24, 2014


     I am currently building courses for my company.  One of the features is including a demonstration of tasks performed in our database which is done with the View Mode.  I have been using the Slide Master to make life easier but cannot figure out to set the outline for the caption boxes.  I have the fill color our company blue and want the outline color our company orange.  I understand that Accent 1 is the fill color and have all of the accent colors our orange and have had no luck.  I have read that one of the accents does control the outline color and hopefully it is not accent 1.  Thank you for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian and welcome to Heroes! 

You'll see a description here of the theme colors, and the different accent colors:

  • The Text/Background items are designed to help make text easily readable when applied to shapes. For example, text that you format with the darker shades is designed to be readable when placed within lighter-colored shapes.
  • The series of Accent colors are the preset color choices you'll see on the Format tab when you choose an object's fill color or outline color.
  • Accent 1 is the default fill color for shapes, captions, the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 1 & 2, and the dot on radio button styles 1 & 2.  (Learn more about buttons here.)
  • Hyperlink is the color used for text to which you apply hyperlinks.
  • Control 1 is the hover color for buttons, and the hover color on answer choices for quiz questions.
  • Custom 1 is the default fill color for buttons.
  • Custom 2 is the default color for the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 3 & 4, and the dot on radio button styles 3 & 4.
  • Looking at this in my own Storyline files, it seems that the captions automatically take on the Accent 1 color as the fill color, but I can't seem to change the outline color there. You could go into "Format shape" to change the outline color, and then "right click" on the caption to set as the default shape. 

    Brian Seaman

    Thanks for the reply.  I thought the same with setting the default shape might work but the View Mode automatically creates the caption boxes and appears that this can only be adjusted from the theme colors.  I was hoping there was a way to be able to control the stroke of the captions globally just like you can do with the fill colors.  I read that font size in captions is a current enhancement request.  If global control for stroke color is not available currently, should it be submitted as an enhancement request?  I am trying to limit the amount of mouse clicks my team has to perform to prevent discrepancies.  Thanks. 

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