Articulate Storyline course tracking issues on LMS

Oct 08, 2021


I have been having some course tracking issues on our LMS (Totora LMS). This isn't affecting all of our employees as the majority of people who take the courses are tracking as complete. I have had around 20 people report to me this week that they have fully completed courses and provided screenshots to show they have met all of the completion criteria, yet the system is still showing in progress. This is not isolated to one course either, it seems to be happening to courses I have never had any issues with in the past.

The Storyline files all seem to be set up fine and our LMS provider is telling me the system is working fine. We did recently start directing our employees to complete elearning through Google Chrome (Version 89.0.4389.128 Official Build 64-bit) as we have always used IE 11. 

Has anyone had this issue with some people tracking complete and some not? 

Could this be an issue with the web browser, LMS, SCORM package or could this just be a connection issue?

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Sinchu Raj

Hi Shaun,

Most probably the issue is with  Active  LMS connectivity, you can ask your LMS team to enable the timeout function or add timeout function inside the course.

If course is not active for a while then user will get timeout window and they need to relaunch the course to start the course again. This will help to save the correct data in the LMS .