Articulate Storyline - Drag & Drop Colour Changing

I have a freeform Drag & Drop question set up with a number of correct answers for each option.

When the correct answer is dragged to the correct option it does snap into place - however I cannot see the option on how to get it to change colour to match that of the correct option. For example, one option is purple and I would like the answer box to change to purple when it is added to this option correctly?

I cannot see the option to make this happen

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Luke Benfield

Hi Tracey,

In your Drag and Drop options, you may want to deselect the "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted" box.

Then you can create a state for the drop target (let's call it Correct), and set up a trigger to change the state of the drop target to correct when the state of the object being dropped is correct.

In theory, that might work. Hope that helps.