Articulate Storyline - How to Play and edit separate videos to play one after the other

Apr 23, 2021

Hi, I am new to Articulate Storyline and appreciate some helpful advice.  I created several videos however, I need them to play one after the other.  I inserted the videos from a file but they all play at the same time.  Then I setup triggers to play after the previous media clip and that did not work.  The videos all play at the same time.  Please help.

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Dwayne Schamp

A couple ways to tackle this.

1. Use the Video Tools drop down to set the "play videos" option (as in attached png.) and set triggers for each video as needed

2. stagger them on the timeline according to start time. so vid 1 starts at 0s and plays for 10s. Drag video 2 to start after the first one ends, and so on.

3. put each video on a separate layer and use triggers to show the layer of the corresponding video when the current layer timeline ends. "Show layer (target layer) when timeline ends this layer". 

i can throw a quick file together to show each if needed.