Help: .mp4 videos not playing on an iPad (sometimes)

Mar 19, 2014

Hi there guys and gals,

So I have a Storyline file with multiple .mp4 videos, and some of them are causing problems - sometimes.

I have one slide with just a video, and it plays and works beautifully 100% of the time.

There are other slides that have  multiple videos within the slide, but only one playing at one time

After publishing the file and viewing the course on a computer (laptop), all the videos work as expected.

When viewing via online with an iPad, some of the videos don't play.

It's odd, as there isn't any consistency as to what video will play or not.

The only one that consistently plays is the video that's by itself on its own slide.

For the other videos, there are elements layered above them. For all the videos, I can tap on them and make them start/stop. A workaround would be to ask the user to tap the video to make it play, but the videos are meant to go along with the timed slides. I'm guessing this is just a battle between how Articulate and iOS are handling videos.

I've messed with the file types, the file headers, and everything - but some of the videos just don't like to work on an iPad (sometimes). I've also looked at all the relevant support articles twice over =)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sean and welcome to Heroes! 

Without seeing the video set up in regards to your layered elements or triggers for the media, it's hard to say for certain. You mentioned reading all the support articles, and just in case I wanted to point out a few:

You also mentioned that it doesn't work "sometimes" are you able to narrow down under what conditions? Such as a particular wireless network, iPad version, iOS version, etc? 

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