Sequential videos on slides problem

I have a storyline that shows a step-by-step process with some short videos on some of the slides. I am playing them on a ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity tablet using the Articulate app and there are some issues when the video plays on the tablet:

  1. There is a few seconds of a blank, black screen before the video plays
  2. *****Most Important Issue***: The video slides that follow will show a ghosted image of the previous video and will take a few more seconds until the video that's supposed to play on that slide, plays. Just a note here that there are simple storyline slides between the video slides.

The videos are an .mp4 and here are the video options for all the video slides:

If you could please help me fix the videos so there is no delay before the video plays AND remove the previous video's ghosted image that would be great. Thanks. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Diane,

Where are you hosting your course? Do you only see this issue when playing the course on your tablet, have you checked on your PC in a standard web browser? 

We'd be happy to take a look at the file and offer any thoughts or suggestions. Can you share a copy of the .story file here - or even just a few sample slides that exhibit the behavior? 

Diane Fung

We use the tablets with students in a classroom setting but we get different students every day that use the tablets so we are not using an LMS system.

We are just opening up the storyline file from the tablet's file manager which automatically opens in the Articulate App. It does work well on a laptop/PC setting but this content is meant to be displayed on the tablet

Unfortunately due to the institution I am working for I cannot share my storyline file.

I don't think that I could really record the issue using a screencapture as this is an issue that only occurs with the Articulate app or possibly the tablet itself. I have a feeling that the app is having difficulty loading the video (even though I have set the storyline file in the Articulate library to play offline) or there maybe a memory or internal caching issue that's preventing the video from playing automatically that's my guess. I also tried setting the video to play only when clicked but it had the same issue. Once it start's playing it's fine but my PM is concerned with the delay at the start and the ghosted image of the previous video when a new one is being played. 

Would it be possible for you to test on an android tablet of some sort with a couple .mp4's on their own storyline slides to see if you can reproduce this?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Diane,

How have you published your course? If you've published for web or LMS, you'll want to host in one of those environments to ensure it works as expected and this is detailed here. 

I asked about the behavior on a PC to determine if it was different to the behavior on your tablet, as that would help narrow down where the issue may lie. Hosting it outside the intended publish set up may be a part of the issue with loading the videos/course. 

In regards to the video "ghost" image, I've seen this at least once before on the Android mobile player and the workaround was to include a blank slide or an image slide inbetween two video slides, and use the "jump to slide next slide when the timeline starts on this slide" trigger. There may still be a flash or a blip inbetween, but you won't see the video image from the first slide continue to appear on the second slide. This issue is currently with our QA team, so I don't have a time frame or fix to offer yet, but I can include this thread in the report filed with them so that I can share any additional information with you here once available.