Articulate Storyline installation on two computers

Aug 15, 2012

Hello - 

I am having a difficult time with a template I created within Storyline with .png images. I created the template and it is saved in my App Data file on my computer and my lap top. I have installed the authoring software on my home laptop and my work computer so I can access files from both locations. 

When I build a module using said template on my desktop computer, publish it (for HTML5 output) and put on the content site to QA it, the backgrounds all show on desktop and on the ipad (mobile) browsers. However, if I open the .story file that I worked on my desktop on my laptop and republish the file (even without making any changes) the bacgrounds DO NOT show up on the ipad, although the same template is being using and appear on desktop. 

What is the discrepancy between opening up .story files on laptop and desktop within the same license of the authoring software? 

Or, does it have something to do with the template I built? But even then, why does it work when published the first time on one device, but not on the other when published from a different device?

Any tips or solutions are appreciated. 

Thank you. 

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Peter Anderson

Thanks for posting, Michelle. I assume you're publishing to HTML5 on both computers? There was a known issue that should've been resolved in Update 1 with the Flash and HTML5 backgrounds appearing differently. But assuming you're publishing to HTML5 on both machines, this sounds pretty unusual. Are you able to open a ticket and send us your .story file so we can try to replicate the behavior on our end? We'd be really interested in checking this out. Thanks!

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