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Mar 13, 2016

I am new to eLearning and trying to learn the ropes to create some examples in order to land a job as an instructional designer.  I would like to download Articulate Storyline and there is the free trial version but it only runs on Windows and I have an iMac. I did a little digging online and it looks like I should be able to download Windows and use Storyline through a Parallel. Ive attempted to do some of this on my own but I get a little lost in the broad instructions of steps. Does anyone know anything about this and maybe could dumb it down and walk me through it?

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Christine Hounsham

Hello Noelle, I have been using Storyline 2 on my Mac for app 12m through Parrallel and Windows 8.1.  I have found that it all works very well, though it was an adjustment getting used to sharing files across the two platforms.

To simplified the set-up, I bought retail (disc copies) of both Parrelle and Windows as I found this easier to install for me.  I have since upgraded Parrellel from online download, which was very easy having already previously set-up. 

In addition to Parrellel I also purchased PC version of Microsoft Office (add $300 Aus) to run on the virtual Windows machine.  Whilst I use Mac utilities normally (ie Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Mail), PowerPoint is very usefully to use with Articulate.  

Goodluck! Christine

Noelle Pinson

Thanks Christine!  Well first of all I don't have a cd port on my iMac so everything will have to be downloaded electronically.  I have Microsoft Office and I attempted to download Windows so maybe that step is done.  I'm just not clear on what the Parallel does and what to do with it once its on my computer.  Do I download the Parallel and then I download Storyline? :-/

Noelle Pinson

Alright I have a new hurdle...I've been playing with Storyline and created a portfolio I would like to share with potential employers but I can't figure out how to make it a link to send them.  I figured I could save it on my Google Drive but everything I try to download and open just looks like a document of coding instead of actually opening up the  course.  

When I publish the course I get a confirmation windows with the following options:

Email  FTP  ZIP  Open  HTML.5

When I click Email I'm told there is no default mail client.
I'm not totally clear on what to do with the FTP and ZIP
Open and HTML.5 allow me to view the course but that link is a local file so it can only be viewed on my computer.  

Anyone have some guidance??

Christine Hounsham

Hi Noelle

I am definitely not the best person to reply to this, as I equally had the same learning experience in my early days.

There are some good tutorials in the community about this - but the summarise basically you need to either:

- share via Dropbox (Note: it is the .story file that you are pointing to, but still need to include all in folder, and this only works if you have a paid business Dropbox account (I understand). This is how I now work; or
- alternatively the easiest way is to upload the published course to the Articulate Tempshare webpage. You will be given a link to share, which will be accessible for two weeks.

Regards Christine

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