Articulate Storyline quiz and SABA not resuming right. Trying to find a way to solve this

It seems that SABA and Storyline have a problem with the quiz. If we close a quiz in the middle of execution, SABA loses counter what we are doing in the quiz and, when we return even we complete all the questions correctly, the course is not completed. I hope to explain well because the question is a bit complex.

Searched Solution: reset the test and return to the menu if the resume takes you directly to a quiz question (that is, if you left unfinished) in a random questions quiz.
Procedure: to control with variables when it has come to the result screen and is not the first time you do the quiz.
Results so far: the combinations of variables will always return to the menu

I'm trying to control this situation with variables but I can not come up with the right combination. I created a variable that changes to TRUE when you get to the results slide.

The idea is to control when you have not come to the results screen and when articulate automatically resume to a slide in the quiz, reset the quiz and send you to the menu, until you reached the results slide.

The problem appears when you enter the first time the quizt and ask for that variable and returns you to the menu since the first time you have not reached the result slide. To remedy this, I thought of another variable to indicate when you first entered but it only works with the first slide.

Any combination of variables makes the triggers will send you to the menu and prevent you to do the quiz.

Any ideas?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Juanjo -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question here! As you indicated that you are experiencing the issues when testing your published output in the SABA LMS, could you please let us know if you are seeing the same behavior when you test your course in the SCORM Cloud, as well?

If your course functions properly in the SCORM Cloud, we typically recommend that you reach out to your LMS provider directly for additional assistance. You may also want to review this article as well: How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud.

Juanjo Haro

Hi, Christie... the output works perfect in Scorm Cloud and Reload Scorm Player.  

I have proposed contact the provider SABA but me they communicate me that the customer is not going to do that (in Spain we are always so effective) so we have to try to find a way to bypass this problem of Saba in our courses.

Thanks for answer!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Juanjo -- Thanks for your response and for confirming that everything is functioning properly in the SCORM Cloud. You may find it beneficial to share that information with your client, and let them know that the SCORM Cloud is the industry standard for LMS testing. As I mentioned above, when you do not experience any odd behavior in the SCORM Cloud, that typically rules out the possibility that the issue may be with our software, but rather, could lie within the LMS itself. 

I also invite other SABA users in the community to chime in here to share their experiences, as well! Please feel free to share any updates on this matter here, Juanjo, for others who may benefit. :)