Articulate Storyline Quiz Questions (2)

Oct 11, 2016

I have two Storyline quiz questions stemming from a client request.

1. Is it possible to prevent (or delay) the retaking of a certification quiz for period of time, let's say 2 days, 1 week, etc. 

2. The quiz must consist of five sections with randomly selected questions from corresponding question banks. Is it possible to score each section separately, and report those scores, as well as the final combined score?

Thank You!

Jack L


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Brian Dennis

Locking out learners for a period of time is generally managed at the learning management system (LMS) if your content is housed within an LMS. If standalone, things get quite a bit harder. Harder, but not impossible - SL needs to talk with an external system.

Regarding scoring, SL courses can be published to SCORM, with scoring reported into an LMS

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