Articulate Storyline Resilience

Nov 24, 2017

Hello all,

I am in the process of updating a large number of older Articulate Storyline objects (Created in SL1 and SL2) that have suddenly stopped working. After some research, I found out that they had stopped working because of recent browser updates causing the published files to no longer execute in many browsers. I have also found the 'Articulate Updater' tool that was released some time ago to fix these issues (

Is this what it is going to be like moving forward? While this tool makes it easier to update the files, it is nonetheless more work to be done (Finding the courses, which files are broken, finding and re-uploading individual files, possibly running into issues when the course goes live...). I understand that Articulate Storyline 360 has obviously had several updates since SL1 and SL2, but does that mean that this trend will repeat itself later on down the road? I need to know that I won't end up having to do this again in the future for every other Articulate Storyline project I create using 360.

If Articulate publishes to HTML5 (even SL1 does that) then why are we all running into issues with browser updates and incompatibilities? I know that the the security settings on browsers sometimes get changed, and Flash might not work all the time, but should that really cause the whole object to break? HTML5 is resilient in web design, but somehow even though Articulate Storyline exports to HTML5, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as resilient judging from it’s older products.

Please let me know if there is a way to confirm that this will not be an issue going forward.



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Ali Goulet

Hey Tyler!

I'm so glad to hear that updating and republishing fixes the issues you ran into with older courses. I know it's time consuming to republish everything, and we try to make that process a bit easier for you with the Articulate Updater you mentioned.

We can’t predict what types of changes browsers and operating systems will make in the future and how they’ll effect courses, but we closely monitor these changes and their impact. We’ll continue to share that information as soon as possible so that you can prepare and make any adjustments needed. 

With Articulate 360, we continue to increase HTML5 support across browsers and build robust features and capabilities specific to HTML5. All with the goal of preventing the similar issues you saw with Storyline 1 or 2.  

I can sympathize with the time concerns when it comes to updating all your courses, and hopefully it won't be necessary too often! 

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