Articulate Storyline send only 5 of 12 requests to the LRS via TinCan

Jun 30, 2015


We're using Articulate Storyline to record 12 responses and then TinCan to deliver those responses to our LRS.

Unfortunately, what occurs is 12 signals are produced and pending to shoot out, but only 4 or 5 of those 12 signals become 200 ( meaning they go through ), and the rest idle indefinitely when using IE9 or IE10. 

The reason this is occurring is because IE is closing the connection before the server can consume the answer. This has been a publicly noted bug within Microsoft as found here . The workaround is for the client ( in this case Articulate ) to write a handler that would redeliver the signal if it fails. On Microsoft's behalf, instead of patching the issue, they went ahead and released IE11 with the fix built-in.

My question is, are you guys aware of this issue, and do you have any intention of fixing it? If you don't, what do you recommend as a workaround to this so that we can receive all of our pending statements in IE9 or IE10?

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