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Jun 07, 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm needing some assistance with a TinCan issue.  I created course in Articulate and published as TinCan to SCORM Cloud.  

I was able to see the LRS statements from SCORM Cloud, specifically where I correctly or incorrectly answered a quiz question.  My problem is in the coding that these answers (wrong or right) are in the LRS statement like the following:

Walt incorrectly answered 'What button do you press during an active session?' with response 'choice_5rInPzTqJK4' with score 0

How do I create some code that will decipher this: 'choice_5rInPzTqJK4'

I would like to see if all of my learners are missing the question and with what response, i.e. A, B, or C??

This is extremely important to me to be able to see the actual responses for the answers and not just the "code".

Thanks so much!!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Walt, 

Are you looking at pulling the reports of how they answered or just reviewing the statements? The code within the statements isn't something I can assist with editing, as it's built into the published output and then sent to your LMS. As far as seeing how they answered, you should be able to see that in the general LMS reports of a users' answer and score. 

Walt Gill

Hi Ashley.  

Always nice to hear from you.

I would like to see how they answered the question, if they chose A or B or C, something like that.

I don't think our LMS can report on that level of granularity but it can report the score as a percent or even as Pass/Fail.

Would this feature be something I can test on SCORM cloud?

I'm interested in your feedback.

Thanks so much.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Walt, 

You should be able to pull the information in a report although it's up to your LMS to have those types of reports - the information is included in the meta data of Tin Can as you can read about here.  You may also find value in the information in this thread about sending the statements via Javascript in case it's not something your LMS will read by default. 

I'd defer to your LMS in terms of what types of reports they have and how you could pull the information. 

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