Survey in Storyline Scorm 1.2 sending multiple responses

Nov 09, 2023


I created a survey in Storyline and published in Scorm 1.2 with a results slide. Learners can go back on the survey questions and select a different response if they think they answered incorrectly. All works fine, except in our LMS reporting tool (Sumtotal), the Scorm file is reporting all answers provided, not just their final response.  How do I get the Scorm file to only report their final response to each survey question?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Bryan,

Happy to help!

The 'Submit results' trigger is what controls when your course sends quiz data to an LMS. 

You'll want to make sure that your course activates this trigger only when you're ready to submit your survey to your LMS.

This article explains a method that you can use to allow your learners to complete all survey questions first, including giving them an opportunity to go back to correct their responses before submitting the responses to your LMS: 

Hope this helps!

Bryan Makinson

Hi Jose, 

Thanks for the information.  I read the article you provided and it worked. I just had to add triggers to disable the next button when timeline starts and then enable it once a learner selects a response.  Without those triggers learners are not required to provide a response to each survey question.