Articulate Storyline, ShowPad, and the Articulate App

Mar 03, 2014


I am having issues getting my HTML5 output to work via a platform called ShowPad, along with the Articulate Player App. Basically, ShowPad downloads a zipped version of the Storyline output and unpacks it on the hard drive of the iPad. This means that when the player launches, it can't find the content from another app. Is there any way to make the Articulate app open content that has been downloaded by another app or the user?

Any advice would be very helpful! I would just use the HTML5 output, without the player, but the performance hit is too big for the client to accept.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Al and welcome to Heroes!

I haven't heard of this app, but I'm not certain you'll be able to use it in conjunction with the mobile player. The typical procedure to access a course is to load it to a web server or LMS and when the user clicks on the link to access the course from their iPad the Storyline file determines if you've set it to use the mobile player and that they're accessing it from an iPad and to open within the mobile player. 

Stijn Van Loo

Hi Alastair,

My name is Stijn, I work in the customer success team at Showpad. I'm unclear about how you are using the platform. Showpad supports HTML5 apps and allows you to upload them to the Showpad app and use them as a presentation.

Within Showpad it is possible to use "asset linking", because every file has a unique ID or path, if you will. Every app also has a unique url (f.e. showpad://). Technically it should be possible to 

1. find out if the other app also has unique identifiers for the content and adapt the links in your HTML5 file.

2. another option is to upload the asset you are trying to link to in the Showpad app as well, so the HTMl5 file links to an asset in Showpad (which is something that definitely works)!

Let me know how we can help! Please e-mail us at!

Best regards,


Anastasia Levine

Hi Stijn, thanks for your reply. I'm a colleague of Alastair and currently working on this project.

The issue is that our Storyline output is too animation and audio intensive to play as HTML5 without frequently pausing. However our client has asked for the course to be uploaded and made available through Showpad.

We have been able to upload a zipped HTML file into Showpad, which automatically launches the Storyline app and plays the Storyline content which is temporarily hosted on our test server.

What we would like to do is host this Storyline content within Showpad itself. We can use javascript to get a reference to the file id, eg. showpad://file/FILE_ID, and pass this to the articulate app as the source of the project files.

However when we  try to do this, the Articulate app cannot find the files in the Showpad app. We're not sure whether this is because the files might be stored as a zip file on the drive, or because the Articulate app cannot communicate directly with files from other apps, or if we are not passing the correct string through to the Articulate app (although we have tried many different ways).

Please could you let us know your thoughts on being able to host content in the Showpad app (as Flash files) for another app to access?

Thank you


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