Articulate Storyline Still Isn't Previewing

Jan 05, 2016

I was having issues previewing content in Storyline.  I found it was related to the fact that my company automatically updated all office computers with the latest flashplayer version   I had the update uninstalled and all was well until today.  I saw that after I turned on my computer today, flash player was reinstalled and updated again?   So I downgraded and restarted my computer.   I am continuing to have issues now even though I am using version 18. 


Could you please advise?  Below is a link to the original post that talks about the flashplayer issue:


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia,

Were you able to disable the auto updates so that it wouldn't keep upgrading you to the latest version of Flash? Which Windows version are you using? You will want to ensure you're using the previous version, not all the way back to Update 18 of Flash, as there were fixes for issues in that version of Flash as well. 

Alicia Breig

I did make sure to change the settings so that I have to approve of the updates first (though I am hoping that my company's regular updates will not override that).

I tried before with an earlier version of 20 and it didn't work.   That is why I went back to 18.  Could you advise which version of 20 or 19 I should use?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

Thanks for sharing that here - that's also the recommended version on Adobe's site. Our recommendation has been to roll back to the version that you previously had installed by removing that particular update in the documentation.

I wasn't sure which update of Storyline you were using Alicia, so wanted to share that just in case. 

Alicia Breig

Hi Ashley,


   To clarify, I had this problem originally on the 30th of December, the same day my flashplayer had updated to  To correct this, I merely uninstalled the update on the 30th of December and then Storyline was working just fine for me.  

Unforutnately my company pushed through some kind of update that I guess uninstalled and then reinstalled to the latest version because when I checked the control panel this morning, the update was missing and I only had the latest version of flashplayer as   The only want to "downgrade" was to first uninstall it. 


So far I haven't had success but I will try installing version 

Joseph Thomas

This is ridiculous I said the same thing on the 29th and have had to uninstall the flash update everyday since. We shouldn't have to disable updates for their software to work they should create a new build. The robot auto response person on here sent a message with a link to the build from last September. C'mon people... I have windows 10 32 gigs of ram and have gone to college and have utilized high end software and all OS for over 20 years. Fix the issue... They just constantly distract the issue with random unhelpful responses and no solutions. Whatever..

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia, 

Yes, we became aware of the issue between the holidays as well when the update seemed to be installed on the majority of users computers. If you company has enabled auto updates by default you may want to connect with your IT person to see if you're able to disable it for the time being, as this bug identified by Adobe is impacting more than just Articulate per reading through their bug documentation. 


Our team is continuing to work on this issue and we've also followed the situation closely from the Adobe/Windows side of things. As I mentioned above, I shared the link for Alicia to ensure she was also using the latest update of Storyline based on previous issues with Flash updates - but I can assure you it's not an auto-response. My photo is a bit older, but I promise if you Google me, I'm a real person. ;-) The forums are monitored by staff Monday-Friday, 9 -5 pm EST so we're here to help and redirect to the appropriate resources as needed. We're also incredibly fortunate to have an active community of users and some that we've labeled as "Heroes" who go above and beyond in assisting and are well versed in all things Articulate - so if you're running into further issues, please feel free to reach out here or connect with our Support engineers directly. 

Hope that helps and please feel free to let us know if you need anything else. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Adobe and Microsoft released information that Windows 10 has been updated. 

Install the latest Windows updates to resolve it.

  1. Go to the Start menu and click Settings.
  2. When the Settings window opens, click Update & Security.
  3. Click Check for updates and allow the latest updates to install.
  4. Reboot your computer and test your Articulate software again.

We're waiting for additional information in regards to Windows 8.

Alicia Breig

Ashley and Philip, thank you for your help thus far. 

I am writing to IT to ask them if I can be temporarily excluded from the company-wide updates that they do.  In the meantime I discovered that flash player is still living in IE as an add-on, even after uninstalling it, and I think that is why I was not able to install version or the update after it....  I am hoping that IT will be able to help me remove the flashplayer add-on from IE or otherwise help me downgrade to   (Do I need to uninstall and reinstall IE?)

Thought you might appreciate it for future requests from folks who are having my same issue. 



Wendy Farmer

Hi Alicia

I am running WIndows 8.1 and I had to turn off IE in WIndows Features as Flash is within IE and auto updates.  I use Chrome or Firefox anyway so it hasn't been an issue for me.

Also I have my WIndows updates set to download but not install - but for some reason that Flash one snuck through automatically.

Hope that helps

Joseph Thomas

The current Flash update Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3133431), works. It doesn't matter if you use chrome or firefox or any other browser. If an end user is using the OS Windows 10 and leaves their updates option set to automatic the previous issues will happen meaning the update Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3132372), affects all flash playback in any software that utilizes flash. Not all interfaces where affected and maybe not all OS versions of windows but irregardless any end user that has the OS Windows 10 was. For future reference an open up front posting on this site describing the issue and it's status would have been helpful. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Joseph - and we saw the issue across Win 7, Vista, 10 and 8, the latter of which is the only one not yet fixed by Adobe/Windows. We're keeping an eye on that one closely as well - but I'm happy to hear the Windows 10 fix did work for you. 

Perhaps you didn't see the initial discussion that got pinned to the top of the forums page here: Preview-not-working-in-storyline-2? We try to do that when issues like this arise, and we're also looking into additional options in the event of future issues like this one which I think took everyone by surprise, even Adobe since it also broke Adobe Captivate - so we're open to other ideas as well!  

If there is anything else we can assist with, please don't hesitate to let us know - and if you're not getting the technical support you need in the forums, you can also always reach out to our Support engineers as they're available 24/7. 

Leslie McKerchie

Good news! Adobe and Microsoft have fixed the Flash Player bug that broke many applications just before the new year, including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio.

Here's how to install the latest Adobe/Microsoft update so you can preview your e-learning projects, edit videos, and launch CD-published courses again.

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