Articulate tracking

Is there any way to track a variable on the results slide for scoring rather than the results slide itself?


When I track based on the results slide, I get the value passed/failed back in learnUpon which is good. I have set my articulate course to be passed at 70% and when said course is completed in learnUpon the user sees their score, in this case 82% which passes the course. Since Articulate is tracking based on results slide it knows that the user has passed, but in learnUpon it gives them 100% rather than the value of the variable in Articulate that is storing the 82%

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Therese Charles

I have been investigating this and have found that you can send a variable to the LMS using a Short answer quiz. It is this variable that I want to use as my score but that only works for a text variable, the variable I am trying to send is a number and you can't assign a NumericEntry variable to a textEntry.

So I tried doing the same method on a "How Many" survey as it is numeric. But it didn't work, the variable isn't tracking on Articulate online.


It is the variable circled in red that I am trying to send to the LMS as this is what I want to use as their score.