Articulate Updater

I used the updater back in December 2015 to update hundreds of modules so that iPAD users could play them.

I've just been informed that it didn't actually work, as the modules are not playing.  The module will launch but the screen is blank.  Considering it took me 2 days to update, I am a little disappointed.  

Does this mean I have to republish every single course with the new version of Storyline 2?  

Help urgently required!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tex,

I think we'd want to know a bit more about what is happening and do a bit more testing before having you republish all the courses. Do you know what iOS all your users were accessing it through? Is it the HTML5 output or the mobile player? Are you able to share a link to one of your courses here?